Yes, for the most part. We investigate any restrictions before shipping, but we are willing to ship anywhere where the herb of interest is legal and unrestricted. We ship international packages regularly and have had great success with this, never any issues with customs. We are conscious of your privacy though, and when filling out customs forms we are as general and nonspecific as possible…we believe that you have the right to order the plants that you need, and we do not feel it is right for anyone to pry into your privacy or your package. So we use discreet terms when filling forms such as ‘Botanical Specimen’ ‘Leaf incense’ ‘Tropical seeds’ etc.

The length of time required for a package to make it across the world varies quite a bit. Usually 1-4 weeks is expected, average is 2-3 weeks for most locations. We ship worldwide regularly though and are always excited to help share these plants with another country! We will provide a tracking number for all International Orders.