Estimating Time of Arrival

To accurately calculate your order's time of arrival, we have broken it down into three determining factors; Transaction Time, Handling Time, and Shipping Speed as expressed in the following equation. 

ETA = TT + HT + SS

ETA = Estimate time of Arrival

TT = Transation Time

HT = Handling Time

SS = Shipping Speed

1. Transaction Time(TT)

Each payment method has its own processing time.

Payment Method
Order Status
Processing Time
eCheck Pending    
5 days
On Hold    
as soon as received

Once your payment has cleared your order status will update to Awaiting Shipment within 24 hours.

2. Handling Time(HT)

order status: Awaiting shipment

If you do NOT have a preorder item then the handling time required for your package is 2-3 days…we strive to ship within 1 business day of receiving an order, but due to our high sales volume sometimes this is not possible. Please allow up to 3 days of handling time prior to your order being shipped…if you are in a particular hurry for your order just let us know and we will try our best to get it out quickly!

order status: Pre-Order Wait

If your order contains any Pre-Order items with other items, your entire order will ship when the Pre-Order item(s) are ready to ship. Please read the plant description as arrival time is unique to each plant. If you'd like the rest of your order to be shipped please place a separate order.

Once your order has been packaged, your order will be marked as On the way and email notification will automatically been sent.

3. Shipping Speed(SS)

order status: On the Way

After we send the package the speed is determined by the package carrying service. 

USPS is who we usually use, and their transit times are pretty reasonable. 

First Class packages will get to the destination within a week usually, and generally arrive within 4-8 days after we ship. 

Priority Speed packages are a good bit quicker and generally arrive within 2-5 days after we ship. 

Different times of the year the postal processing happens quicker and slower, so please remember these are estimates! We will get your order out quickly but we can’t control the speed at which it is carried by USPS. Tracking numbers are sent automatically when your order is shipped